Dear visitors of the official website of NATEC!

The process of modernization of the economy of Russia is impossible without high-quality services to meet the needs of industrial and energy engineering, the demand for which is constantly growing. Thus the market lacks a sufficient number of professional and modern engineering companies.

The creation of industrial enterprises is impossible without high-quality engineering support for the project throughout its life cycle.
Services provided by the group of companies NATEC deliver the optimal combination of technological and economic efficiency and are an instrument to reduce investment risks and to guarantee the return on investment.

We are interested not only in the market share and net profit, but also the experience, skills and attainments that we learn with new, more complex projects, meeting the most stringent requirements of customers and partners.

The group of companies NATEC – is a dynamic, unique team of like-minded people, a strong team of professionals, who are congenial in spirit and culture and are aimed at the creation and implementation of ambitious, complex and innovative projects, primarily in the field of industrial and municipal power engineering.

For the NATEC Group there are two basic values upon which the company bases its work. First of all we think about our clients. We see them as our long-term partners. And, of course, we always have in mind our employees who form the basis for the development of the company.

We aim to ensure sustainable development of Group of companies NATEC due to the constant increase of competitiveness of production and services, as well as to improve the effectiveness of our activity.

We are proud of our company and we are convinced that our competence and clear, well established mechanisms will offer you the best solutions not only today but in the future.

CEO of JSC National Engineering Company