Our mission

We see NATEC in the future as a group of companies focused on creation and realization of innovative products and services in various areas of business and services, primarily in energy and industrial development.

Our values

The NATEC group of companies is booming thanks to ability to attract and prepare high-class professionals, whose talent and experience ensure firm development and increase in competitiveness of products and services of the Group. Our business constantly extends and we hope to see in our team many new brilliant professionals in the future.

We constantly look for essentially new decisions for our customers. Innovative approach allows us to anticipate and take account of the future necessities of the market.

The quality of our work is the most important factor in decision making as well as an unconditional priority in all our projects. The best evidence of it is the implementation of the quality management system ISO 9001-2008.

We promptly respond to the requirements of our clients what means an important competitive advantage for achieving high rates of economic growth.

Wherever the company operates we seek to minimize the environmental impact throughout the installation service life — from a careful evaluation at the design period to decommissioning and reclamation of the territory. The coexistence with environment first of all means for us the creation of the technologies which minimize impact of the production process and the final product on ecology, and also formation of ecologically directed mentality.