CJSC National Engineering Company



Year of establishment 2002
Management CEO - Alexey Alexeev
  Financial department director - Natalia Eledinova
  Engineering department director - Mikhail Fedorenko
Activities EPCM contractor, general contractor, the customer for building of industrial and municipal power infrastructure objects.
Services Design and turnkey construction:
  • electric energy centers (power plants) with electric power from 30 MW;
  • objects of network servicies of power industry, including feeding centers - 220/110/20/10/6/0.4 kV;
  • municipal, departmental and industrial boiler rooms of any power, and other corresponding networks;
  • energy facilities of water supply and water disposal of municipal and industrial function;
  • energy facilities of the mining industry;
  • energy facilities of the chemical industry.
Performance of functions of a management company:
  • operational management of projects at a stage of construction and trial operation (implementation of the specified function during the whole credit period in some cases is possible).
Management of construction projects:
  • technical examination of projects (an assessment of feasibility of projects, an assessment of technical solutions, evaluation of the actual technical state of the equipment, network services and industrial complexes, correction of technical solutions, etc.);
  • development of investment projects, organization of a project financing;
  • preparation and receiving a pack of initial permits and input data;
  • development of project documentation - all stages;
  • technical supervision;
  • equipment completing through competitive purchases;
  • necessary support of projects in supervision authorities (State examination, ROSTEKHNADZOR and so forth);
  • testing and commissioning work, staff recruitment and training.
  • economic examination of projects (analysis of business plans, tariff decisions, etc.);
  • development of business plans of projects (development from scratch, adjustment of the existing, financial modeling, preparation of investment memorandums);
  • analysis, preparation and obtaining tariff decisions;
  • financial and technical monitoring of projects with preparation of reports in Bank formats (investment and post-investment stages);
  • monitoring of a design environment (competitive environment, regulatory and legislative acts, product lines, etc.);
  • preparation of analytical reports.
   Quality of services of the company corresponds to international standards and ensure the implementation of the quality management system ISO 9001-2008.