The Active Voltage Conditioner is a power electronic device, which corrects voltage sags and other voltage anomalies and then produces smooth consistent output voltages. When suitably sized, it allows your production to continue without interruption when voltage sags occur.

The AVC uses rectifier and inverter technology with a specially constructed injection transformer to provide a highly efficient (>98%) and reliable cure for many of your unplanned production stoppages.

In addition to its very fast response to voltage sags, (correction starts within ½ millisecond and is completed within ½ a cycle), the AVC is always ON-Line so it continuously corrects voltage phase unbalance, mitigates 3 phase voltage harmonics and can reduce the effects of external voltage flicker at the load.

There is no storage in the unit so no possibility of circuit resonance or interaction with other capacitors in the circuit. During a voltage sag additional current is drawn from the line via the rectifier, the missing voltage vectors are created via the inverter and injected back into the load circuit through the transformer. The unit is designed with built in bypass capability but, as only the primary of the transformer is in series with the load, the load is not dropped even if the electronics are in bypass mode.