The temporary electric supply of the construction of "Myakinino" Metro station

The electrical function of the group of companies NATEC “NATEC-Energoprom” carried out the commissioning of unique power supply package for electric supply of one of the main sites of Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region – the construction of “Myakinino” Metro station of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow Metro.

The customer of this project was the company “Tonnelnyy otryad №6 of Metrostroya”.

The power supply package consists of 5 diesel-generator units of FG Wilson production and the increasing transformer substation with a total capacity of 3200 kVA.

The main consumer of electricity is a tunnel-tunnelling system LOVAT.

A special feature of this project is the presence of a motor high-voltage load and a large reactive component of electricity.