NATEC Group develops and implements the package solutions to improve energy efficiency on turnkey basis for the large industrial enterprises. The legal, financial and technological competences of NATEC Group enable our customers to obtain funding and implementation of "turnkey" energy programs and projects on the most favorable terms.

The implementation of the energy-efficient solutions and technologies ensures the customers a significant reduction in the cost of consumed energy resources.

NATEC Group offers a complete package of the energy services, including:

- consulting, inspection;

- development of technical solutions;

- funding;

- execution of construction and installation works, commissioning;

- operation of sites.

NATEC Group renders the energy services to improve the energy efficiency of process lines of the industrial enterprises during the construction of the distributed (self-contained) generation sites of the heat and electrical power (energy parks, mini CHP and large boilers).

Our partners are the leading international and Russian suppliers of equipment, products and services in the field of energy efficiency. The combination of its own competencies and significant experience in coordinating the work of contractors allow to find the most effective approaches to the implementation of projects of any complexity.

In such a way, NATEC Group:

- invests in the package solutions to improve the energy efficiency of our clients business;

- specializes in development and implementation of the long-term (10 years and over) «turnkey» projects;

- provides the projects engineering and financial support during the period of validity of the energy service contracts;

- has its own relevant engineering support of the projects (design institute, engineering company).

The priority areas of NATEC Group for the energy services are:

  1. complex improvement of energy efficiency of the industrial enterprises;
  2. reconstruction, construction and buying of power generation utilities;
  3. electrical substations (production and distribution of electricity in the networks of high, medium and low voltage);
  4. cogeneration, trigeneration and steam production;
  5. modernization of heat supply systems (boiler equipment);
  6. Compressor stations;
  7. Water purification and treatment stations (filtration, decarburization, desalination).