The site management is currently the most efficient way to manage projects in construction taking into account the dynamics of construction development in Russia and around the world. It is based on the technology of work execution organization.   

The site management of group of companies “NATEC” will allow investor (customer) to manage the construction without having necessary engineering personnel, that is, without living office; to be constantly aware of what happens on the site; to save expenses on construction and to reduce its timing; to reduce risks of guarantee bonds; to carry out effective investment planning.     

The group of companies “NATEC” provides site management services during the implementation of investment projects in the line of industrial and civil construction:  

- Critical path scheduling and optimization of construction execution in all stages to reduce and improve the quality of work execution.

- The incoming control of project documentation and using materials and items.  

- Provision of constant presence the representative of investor (customer) at the site 24 hours 7 days per week to carry out operating control of construction operations and to make daily reports of regular and unplanned analytics, to execute quality inspection of work execution.      

- Control of effectiveness of the use of working hours and equipment.

- Provision of detailed daily reports on the work execution including photo materials.

- Effective coordination of all participants in construction to prevent down time and violations of work execution technology.

- Preparation of regular analytics and provision of references to investor (customer) to boost effectiveness of construction operations organization.

- Control of works execution on compliance with project documentation, scope and cost.   

- Execution of total or selective quality control of works by visual, instrumental or physical control using laboratory of any purpose. 

- Control of execution and timely provision of as-built documentation including verification of its content and compliance with actual rules and regulations in the RF. 

- Control of hidden works, important constructions and engineering support networks.  

- At the request of investor (customer), carry out the analysis of commercial proposals of supposed executors on compliance with cost and justification of engineering solution including the accordance with actual territorial individual costing rates.