Evaluation of business and all types of assets:

  • collateral market value definition;
  • determining the value of property for insurance purposes by different standards (market value, the cost of recovery) and determining the amount of damages;
  • consulting on the value of shares, real estate, equipment and other property that is the subject of transactions;
  • valuation of intangible assets (trademarks, patents, licensing agreements, etc.);
  • evaluation of investment projects;
  • assessment of property complexes (major assets);
  • assessment of machinery, equipment and transport;
  • assessment of commercial real estate.


Technical audit and monitoring of investment projects:

  • independent construction expertiseand financial and technical monitoring over the projectrealization;
  • management and optimization of costs at all stages of the implementation of investment projects;
  • technical audit;
  • financial and technical monitoring of investment projects;
  • conducting independent assessments of construction;
  • development and analysis of estimatedocumentation;
  • consulting and evaluation of construction investment projects.


Structuring and evaluation of development projects:

  • structuring transactions to raise funding according to customer’s capabilities and banks and investorsrequirements;
  • development and optimization of concepts and business plans of construction projects;
  • assessment and analysis of investment projects;
  • assessment of the pledged property for project financingby credit organizations.