Management company "NATEC"

Year of establishment: 2011
The activities Functions of the management company:
  • operational management of projects under construction and pilot operation (with corresponding possibilityduring the whole credit period).
Construction projects management:
  • technical expertise of projects (assessment of the feasibility of projects, evaluation of technicalsolutions adopted, the assessment of the actual technical state of equipment, network management and production systems, the adjustment of technical solutions, etc.);
  • development of investment projects, the organization of project financing;
  • preparation and receipt IRD;
  • development of project documentation - all the stages;
  • technical supervision;
  • equipment (the organization of tenders);
  • support of the projects in the supervisory bodies (the State examination, Russian and so on).
  • economic assessment of projects (analysis of business plans, tariff decisions, etc.);
  • development of business plans (development "from scratch", the adjustment of existing, financial modeling, preparation of investment memoranda);
  • analysis, preparation and receipt of tariff decisions;
  • financial and technical monitoring of projects with the preparation of reports in formats Bank (investment and post-investment stage);
  • monitoring of the project environment (competitive environment, regulatory and legislative acts, product lines, etc.);
  • preparation of analytical reports.