GTP-CHP, Zvenigorod town

The electric power: 18MW

The heat power: 36.6MW

The basic equipment:

  • 3 gas-turbine power units “Ural-6000” with unit electric power 6.0MW;
  • 3 hot-water waste heat exchangers -12,2/150 with unit capacity 12,2/10,5MW/Gcal/h.

The site putting into operation: October, 2012.

GTP-CHP is designed as a power source integrated into the power supply system of utility users of Zvenigorod town.  

GTP-CHP is a basic source of heat supply in the residential area “Vostochny”.

The main (and single) fuel for GTP-CHP is natural gas.

For adequate operation of GTP-CHP under diverse operating conditions it will be envisaged to engage standby/peak sources.