“Oceanarium” mini CHP

Location: Primorsky region, Russky Island

The electric power: 13.2 MW

The heat power: 34.4 MW

The basic equipment:

−    2 package duel-fuel (gas/diesel oil) gas-turbine units (GTU) of the type GPB 70 of the firm KAWASAKI (Japan) with waste-heat boilers of the type ROSINK ECO-SPI-5,5;

−    2 peak hot-water boilers “TERMOTECHNIC” of the type ТТ 100 of the firm “ENTROROS” (Russia) with the heat power of each – 6.0MW.

The site putting into commissioning: 2012

The main fuel of generating equipment of mini CHP is gas, the backup source is diesel oil.

The ability to work on two types of fuel increases the efficiency and reliability of the power layout of the facilities under construction on the Russky Island.

The mini CHP “Oceanarium” is intended to provide electricity to the associate scientific and research entertainment park “Primorsky Aquarium”.