The substation 110 kV “Rosva”

The start of works: April, 2011

To provide electricity to the industrial park "I-Park Lemminkäinen" (I-Park Lemcon) CJSC "National Engineering Company" implemented the project on "Reconstruction of Substation 110 kV "Rosva" with replacement of transformers 110 kV in Kaluga Region".

The industrial Park "I-Park Lemcon" is located 45 km from Kaluga - it is prepared land site with the necessary infrastructure. On the territory of 135 hectares can be accommodated about 20 manufacturing plants and logistic centers.

The following works were carried out as part of the project:

  • Installation of open distribution device (ODD 110 kV), 2 power transformers 16MVA, complete distribution devices of external installation (CDDE);
  • Pre-commissioning of communication equipment of fire-fighting devices in the substation control house, the power distribution panel of auxiliaries in the substation control house, the automated control system of processing.    

The putting "110 kV Substation Rosva" in the operation has significantly improved power supply of the Industrial park, increased the investment prospects promoting the development of industry in the region.

The completion date: January, 2012.