The reconstruction of CHP of the “Baykalsk Paper and Pulp Mill”

In March, 2015, the group of companies “NATEC” entered into the contract with LLC “VEB Engineering” on design and survey works on reconstruction of CHP of “Baykalsk Paper and Pulp Mill”.

The “Baykalsk Paper and Pulp Mill” is a very famous enterprise located in the town of Baykalsk, on the bank of Lake Baikal inside the specially protected natural area. CHP of “BPPM” CHP BPPM was built in 1956 as the main source of heat and power supply for both the plant and the town of Baikalsk. Currently, for environmental reasons, BPPM is stopped; there was a problem of effective heat supply to the population and enterprises in Baikalsk due to technological characteristics of CHP (inefficient and environmentally unfriendly work in conditions which drastically reduced loads, outdated equipment that worked up).

The reconstruction of CHP with the creation of a new source of heat in CHP, using the modern environmental protection technologies, will not only sufficiently reduce harmful effects on Lake Baikal, but also will increase the reliability of heat supply of Baykalsk. Besides that, the increased efficiency of projected source will create in Baykalsk new enterprises for employment of the population after the closure of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill.   

The design heat power of the newly created power - 141 MW, including 93 MW - power of coal-fired boilers, 48 MW - power of backup electrode boilers. The coal-fired boilers, equipped with the fireboxes for grate firing and efficient exhaust gas clean-up system will meet the tough environmental requirements, functioned within the specially protected natural area. The use of coal of local brands as the main fuel will reduce the cost of generated heat energy and, as a consequence, increase the attractiveness of the town of Baikalsk in the context of organization of new, environmentally safe production - which is especially important in the conditions of closure of Baikalsk mono enterprise - the Baykalsk Paper and Pulp Mill.